Yoga is medicinal.  It is healing and restorative to the body, mind and spirit (soul).  I can personally attest to having suffered chronic pain issues that have disappeared because of my personal yoga practice.  It holds, without a doubt, an important place in attaining Ageless Health Prosperity.  While practicing yoga regularly will surely improve the body’s flexibility, it’s real benefit is the way in which it balances muscles around the bones, balances the mind from either apathy or ‘busyness’ and lends to freedom in spirit, all of which are necessary in the world we live in.  Yoga slows us down. The nervous system calms, the senses heighten, mental focus increases, self-awareness improves, cognition grows and bottom line, the whole being is more alive and alert!  I can show you how...


Nutrition is the food needed for the body’s cells to function optimally.  At it’s deepest level, it is the nourishment and sustenance taken in by the body to ensure a life of health with vim and vigor, well….a life of Ageless Health Prosperity!    Unfortunately, there are some grave misunderstandings about how to feed the body well.  The crucial need is not so much for ‘diets’, counting calories , or even counting macronutrients.  Some of that is important, but beyond those ideas is the concept of counting nutrition.  What really brings health to the living cell of our beings.  That’s what we want to know to prosper in bodily health!  


The body is meant to move.  It sounds cliche, but it is true-‘move it or lose it”!  Ageless Health Prosperity includes moving the body in a variety of ways-slow, fast, directionally, up, down, easy, intense, etc.  Mobility, flexibility, strength and stability are all needed to move functionally as we age.  All of it has a place in human movement and to live optimally until our time is up!  And yet, many of us have pre-set conditions to consider.  In these cases, we take careful baby steps to acquire a level of movement that fits our capabilties.  I’ll show you how to physically prosper given your limitations.