Let's meet online to discuss a nutrition program for you:

1. Email to schedule your complimentary 20 minute consult.

2. During your 20 minute consult, I’ll ask a few probing questions to uncover your unique needs & goals, so that I can plan the best nutrition program for you.

3. Additionally, if you have techie questions related to video chat (Skype/FaceTime) or payment methods (Paypal),  I’ll walk you through those steps.  Quite simple, really 🙂

  • Paypal: When sending payments, please click on 'Friends & Family' before entering the payment amount. Thanks.

4. Payment for sessions is due the first of each month for that month’s agreed pre-scheduled sessions.  If your initial start time is mid-month, you only need pay for sessions pre-scheduled in that month.  The following month’s pre-scheduled sessions will then be due on the first of the month and thereafter.

5. Before our first nutrition session, please download, complete and email the following form to

Areas of common interest frequently discussed are:
  • Motivation to stay on track
  • Learning new habits to acquire a lifestyle of healthy eating
  • Daily, weekly or monthly menu planning.
    • If Menu Planning is required, please download, complete and email this Food Questionnaire to me.
Depending on your specific goals, we’ll discuss a comprehensive plan, which will include:
  • Signing up for a food journal (MyFitnessPal is my preference).
  • Setting quantifiable personal nutrition goals.
  • Weekly 30, 45 or 60 minute nutrition coaching meetings (including 'accountability-holding' for your nutrition goals).  
    • With menu planning, more time is required initially to customize a plan that suits your specific taste preferences & nutrition needs.
  • Additional time to plan your daily, weekly or monthly menu (if necessary).


Cost for Coaching:

Individuals- $1/minute

  • 30, 45 or 60 minutes sessions

Cost for Menu Planning:

Individuals- $1/minute

  • Daily Menu Plan = 20 minutes
  • Weekly Menu Planning = 90 minutes
  • Monthly Menu Planning = 180 minutes