Prospective Clients...

I am so passionate about helping you achieve long term health and wellness!  I personally love being able to play with my grandbabies and participate in sports and recreational activities that I enjoy. It’s just plain awesome when you feel energetic and fully able to enjoy life. Ageless Health Prosperity is just that.

Dependent on your individual needs and goals, and considerate of current health obstacles, I will assist you in planning and developing an appropriately progressive fitness plan & program.  

I will help you prosper in health as you age. Together we will work to achieve the best you can be, so that you can do the things that you love.

Let’s face it. As that age number increases, our bodies change.  I know.  I understand.  Trust me, I do.  Sometimes, I think the Good Lord above has allowed me to experience joint and other health related challenges so that I can be in a better position to offer my clients the proper assistance they need.  I feel ya 🙂

Do you want to play a new sport or recreational activity?  Or resurrect something you did in your youth?  Play actively with grandchildren? Travel?

I have retired clients who travel a lot, and it’s quite amazing the things they need to be ready for….climbing up on a camel, anyone?  Climb bazillions of stairs to the beautiful monuments in European cities?

Your personalized plan will involve a combination of exercise, including: cardiovascular training, strength & resistance training, flexibility or Yoga training and nutrition guidance.  Your plan is customized and catered to work just for you.

Ok, I'm ready and listening.  What’s your thing?  I would love the opportunity to assist you.  

Here’s to your Prospering Health,