Why I Love Fitness/Nutrition Coaching!

Many ask how I’ve ended up in the field of fitness training and nutrition coaching. I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of being well and at optimal energy to enjoy life-whatever stage I was in. My mother often wondered if one day I would collapse with such ongoing energy. When she said, ” geez, you never stop!”, I always thought…well, that’s not fun…why would I?

So, as I got older, in my mid-twenties,and became pregnant with my first child, I became extra conscientious about what I was doing with my body. Fortunately, I grew up with awesome parents who encouraged an active, healthy lifestyle….so the activity part was always in motion. I danced and figure skated from about age 8 through college, and continued dancing and teaching dance into my 20s.dance-blackandwhite copy


Dancing touches my soul! I hear music and my body wants to form an expression of either the lyric or the rhythm of the song. Pregnancy was the impetus to get serious about the nutrition I was putting in my body. After all, I wasn’t the only one getting it! My developing child was! And, I was determined to give him the best start to life! I began eliminating white sugar, and cooking more from scratch so that I knew what was in my food. This was the beginning. That was over 30 years ago now….and it’s been a journey to improving my nutrition ever since.

I tell you all this to say that my choices have come through with flying colors, and at 58 1/2 (hehehe…remember when we use to want to say that when we were 4!-give me that 1/2!), I enjoy awesome health. And, I am thankful…I really am. I know that it is a prescious commodity. I interact with people who don’t have it, and it’s a sad challenge for them. And, once you get into a rut of illness and disease, it becomes that much more difficult to really pull out of it. It takes determination of heart,mind, soul and body. Let me say that again, it takes determination of heart, mind, soul and body!

And, this my friend, is what I am so inspired to help people discover! The connection of heart, mind, soul and body! This is what I love about fitness training and nutrition coaching. How do we bring the heart and mind together to want optimal health? How do we then use it together with body and soul to move in ways that benefit our health? I love helping each individual explore what that means for them. And, I am excited when they are reaching their goals and not only do you see physical changes, but changes in overall outlook and a change in mental energy output! It’s awesome to see!

May I have the privilege of helping you achieve optimal health?

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