No Exercise Equipment? No problem!

I was talking with someone today about his workout routine.  He travels a lot.  Some hotels don’t have good exercise facilities.  He is busy and passionate about his work, yet knows he needs to make time for his health.  He figured out a way to get it done with no exercise equipment.  Your body can be your own gym!  No problem!toddlersquatting

Talking with him reminded me of workouts I’ve given to some of my clients, and I thought I would share some bodyweight exercise routines.  Here you go:

Perform the next 4 exercises in a circuit 3-5x (beginners 3x, advanced 5x):

Standing Squats (Toddlers have the best squats ever!)

> Modifications- chair squats, 1/2 way down squats.


> Modifications-wall push ups, push ups on knees, push ups to back of a chair.

Lying back flys

>Modifications- standing bent over back flys, kneeling back flys

Dead Bugs


The routine will take you 15 minutes or less!  Have fun using only your body and no exercise equipment!

Contact with specific questions on how to perform exercises correctly!

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