Health Management in your 50s & Beyond……

I do think that it seems like people really don’t look their age anymore….they either look way older or way younger! In the last couple weeks, I’ve had a number of people comment on how young I look! That feels pretty cool to a 58 year old grandmother of two and mother of 6! Have I received some good genetic luck? Perhaps that’s some of it. I remember at 80, my Dad still had black hair…not much, but it was black! And, my Mom always did a darn good job of keeping her girlish figure (as Dad would say…:)so much fun

Honestly though, it does take some focus. I am thankful to those who have complemented my youthful appearance. More importantly, I am thankful that I can play, jump & run with my grandchildren! I am grateful to have the motivation and energy to keep up with the active mind and body of a 3 year old! No joke! These little ones are full of life! I love it!

Ok, so what does it take? You may be surprised at my answers. I can tell you what I’ve done and am continuing to do. Perhaps, some will be a fit for you….take what makes sense, and come up with your own personal goals to meet your specific needs.

1) I care and I want it. I care about my own good health. I care about wanting to feel good and do things that I enjoy (namely, hang out with my grandchildren). I care about the example I set for my children.

2) I consider myself a responsible person. I am responsible for keeping myself in the best of health for the sake of my loved ones (did you note above that I have six children?). I am socially responsible so as not to use/abuse the healthcare system with expenses to cover the result of bad health choices. I responsibly choose foods that are ethically grown and will bring about a good ecosystem/environment for all.

3) I am committed. I’ve decided what good health looks like for me as I age. Yes-a certain weight range. Yes, a certain body fat. Yes- the ability to do the physical things I enjoy. All of these things take a commitment to exercise and healthy eating, reducing stress, learning healthy coping strategies and generally making good life choices.

What about you? Do you care enough? Are you responsible? Can you commit? I suspect you do care,and that you are responsible, but maybe it’s the commitment part that’s challenging. I can help. Contact me.

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