My Five Favorite Mid-Meal Snacks

Last week  I shared, ‘My Favorite Smoothies’ and ‘My Favorite Quick Breakfasts’.  Let’s talk this week about ‘My Favorite Mid-Meal Snacks’.  I know I told you that sometimes a smoothie is a mid-meal choice.  But not always.  Smoothies are great for really busy days and help to get required fruits and vegetables in, but given my drothers and time, I prefer biting and chewing.  Biting and chewing signal the brain to produce needed digestive enzymes and chemicals.  So here are my five favorite mid-meal snacks, with nutrition stats noted below each:


1)  Raw veggies and 4 T Sabra Roasted Garlic hummus, .i.e., carrots, celery, broccoli, it can really be any raw veggies you enjoy.

Cals Carbs F Pro. Pot. Fiber

155 13 10 4 104 4

2) Celery and 2 T Natural Peanut Butter, spread the peanut butter out onto a whole celery stick

Cals Carbs F Pro. Pot. Fiber

209 9 15 8 161 4


3) Green large lettuce leaf with 1 sliced swiss cheese wrapped around 3 oz. Primo deli meat, i.e. roasted turkey, chicken or ham (stats for turkey)

Cals Carbs F Pro. Pot. F.

162 4 9 19 69 0

4)  Raw veggies (again you choose your favorites..stats for broccoli & cauliflower)  dipped into a mix of 2 oz white tuna and 1 large boiled egg with chopped celery & onion, and 2 T of light mayo(stats for mayo) or veganaise

Cals Carbs F Pro. Pot. Fiber

209 12 10 21 698 3


5) 1/2 tuna (2 oz) sandwich with 1 T veganaise on Dave’s whole grain bread (I use gluten free due to my issues, but you can choose any 100% whole grain style)

Cals Carbs F Pro. Pot. Fiber

270 22 12 18 190 5


Remember that one of my ‘Five Habits of Nutrition’ (see other blogs)  to acquire is to eat frequently, about every 3 hours-ish.  Try using my five favorite mid-meal snacks to help you get those frequent feedings in your day.  Enjoy!

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