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My Five Favorite Mid-Meal Snacks

Last week  I shared, ‘My Favorite Smoothies’ and ‘My Favorite Quick Breakfasts’.  Let’s talk this week about ‘My Favorite Mid-Meal Snacks’.  I know I told you that sometimes a smoothie is a mid-meal choice.  But not always.  Smoothies are great for really busy days and help to get required fruits and vegetables in, but given…

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My Favorite Quick Breakfasts!

One of the lifestyle nutrition habits I teach my clients is:  Always Eat Breakfast.  Breakfast means ‘breaking the fast’, or eating within about 30 minutes of rising.  Many clients say, ” Ewwww, I just can’t stomach eating when I first get up!”  I let them know that it’s not necessary to eat a grandiose plate…

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My Favorite Smoothies

  Just about every day I have a smoothie that includes protein and fresh fruit.   A smoothie is an awesome way to add protein grams in your daily nutrition, get servings of fruits or vegetables (although, I am not personally fond of vegetables ground up…I’ll eat those fresh!….just me…), and make for a nice…

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