Client Conversation about Holiday Eating

Client: How can I eat healthy during the holidays?

Me-Cindy:  Can you be more specific?

Client: Thanksgiving and Christmas are an all day affair.  I want to choose healthy and feel good about myself and not feel ‘stuffed’ by the end of the day!

Me-Cindy:  What will be at the holiday tables?thanksgiving-dinner

Client:  Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, nuts, cookies, pies…an indulgent feast!

Me-Cindy: What will be most challenging?

Client:  The pie!  I have to decide not to overeat the pie.  And I don’t want to insult the cook!Holiday+dessert+table+cropped

Me-Cindy: How about you choose very small slices of 2 or 3 different pies to equal 1 slice?

Client:  I can do that!  I never thought of that!  I am an “all or none” kind of guy!

Trainer/Nutritionist:  What else will challenge you?

Client:  After dinner, lots of food is laying around, and it begs to be eaten.  I am already stuffed, but don’t want to continue eating.

Trainer/Nutritionist:  What are your health goals?

Client:  I want to continue losing weight-another 8 #.  I want to develop habits of healthy eating.

Me-Cindy:  Will continuing to eat when already stuffed meet those goals?

Client: No!

Me-Cindy:  Then why will you do it?

Client:  I don’t want others to think I am “high & mighty”, and I’ll be on the spotlight because everyone else will still be eating.

Me-Cindy: Could you be sipping on tea or coffee or another beverage (non-alchohol, of course).

Client:  I could do that!

Me-Cindy:  Any other concerns?

Client:  I want to go into the holiday meals with no emotional issues that I may be inclined to resolve with food.  I need to deal with that before sitting down at the table, so that I don’t eat to medicate.

Me-Cindy:  Sounds like you have that figured out!  So, how will you ensure any emotional issues are dealt with before eating?

Client:  Talking with you and getting your suggestions are so helpful.  I like it when you tell me to ‘flip the switch” in my brain!

Me-Cindy:  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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