The Benefits of Online Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

skype logoMany ask, “How does this online training and nutrition coaching work?” It’s all done via Skype or FaceTime.  Don’t know what Skype is? Most of us with a laptop have a built in camera. Skype is a free download. You go to, and follow the prompts to establish Skype app on your desktop.  Or on your Apple Mac computer you will see a FaceTime icon to use and make video calls.


Once Skype is downloaded, I can call you and you can call me. Anyone remember the Jetsons?’s like how they looked at each other on a screen when one was in one place and the other in another place. Ok, I’m date-ing myself.  Some of you know exactly what FaceTime or Skype is without any further explanations.

With either a few pieces of equipment in your home gym, i.e. a fitness ball, a stretchy band, and perhaps some light weight dumbbells or a complete home gym set up with benches and universals, I can design and demonstrate appropriate exercise programs for you. I will be either in my home gym, or another accessible gym when I travel. You are in the convenience of your own home!

You will see me demonstrate. I use lots of verbal instructions to help you understand and see all the fine details of executing exercise in good form and technique. (I am very picky about safe and proper technique!) I am able to see you, and notice places in your body that may need adjustment. For example, I may tell you to lengthen your upper spine, by moving your chest through your arms and lengthening from the breast bone to the crown of the head. I really am able to notice the fine movement and offer direction and guidance to help you along.

I hold you accountable for your personally established exercise and nutrition goals. We set them out each week, and review them as part of our session time.

Payment can be made online or by check. If you live in the Spokane area, we can have an initial meeting at my downtown office, a mutually convenient place or via Skype/Facetime.  I will give you the initial presentation of how Skype/Facetime training works.

It’s a great option for busy professionals, those that live further away, and busy mothers. Give Skype Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching training a try. Check out my youtube video demonstration:

First 30 minutes complimentary.

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