Fall into a New Eating Lifestyle! Will you join me!

pt-appleportraitAs I was writing today’s date, 9.17.14, I couldn’t help but think, “wait, wasn’t I just pouting that August was almost over!”.  I know we hear it a lot, but it’s true, time flies!  Anyways, it’s just about fall, and an opportune time to think again about your eating lifestyle.  How have you been doing?  Most often, the summer starts out pretty good as many of us are thinking about wearing lighter clothing and more skin is showing, and fresh vegetables are more plentiful.  Are you continuing to choose lots of fresh fruits and vegetables?  Or, have you slowly wound back to some of those old habits of picking up other ‘not so healthy, packaged’ foods?  How about you fall back into that new eating lifestyle?!  Please join me!

Before you know it, the holidays will be upon you (as time continues to fly!), and the pounds will indeed creep up if you stay on that track of  unhealthy choices.   Before 2 pounds turns to 4, then 6, then 8, then ten, let’s get focused on eating for a healthy lifestyle!  I have a great idea!

Will you join me in the following?

21 days.

5 meals or mini-meals per day.

Get a minimum 5 fresh fruits & vegetables EVERY day.  Fruits-and-Vegetables

Eliminate 90 % of anything you eat out of boxes, cans and/or packages (exception:fresh frozen fruit, vegetables and meat in freezer bags are ok… peruse your shelves and take a really, really good mathematical guess)

Cut added sugar in 1/2.  If you put 2 tsp in your coffee, put 1.  If you put some in your cereal, put 1/2.  etc, etc.

Eliminate added salt.  (It’s in everything anyway!)

Will you join me to fall into a new eating lifestyle?  I’ll be here to encourage and motivate.  I’ll hold you accountable.  Call me to discuss details and get personal help.




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