Body Fat & Strength/Resistance Training

Oh my!  I had a rude awakening yesterday!  I decided to go get a body fat ‘check-up’ yesterday, and the result confirmed my concerns that it had risen.  Darnit!  I knew it!  I felt it in my  clothes…and I knew what I saw in the mirror.  Before you all are like, “Geez Cindy you seem fine to me!” , let me help you see this from my perspective.

First of all, I am still in a healthy body fat range for women my age.  23%-30% is considered healthy.  I am not giving out the details, but let’s just say I am in the upper end of the range.  A year ago I was 23%.   What happened?  I look back and I realize that most of my workouts have been cardio- cycling and running, as well as yoga.  I’ve done some bodyweight training, but have not been as consistent with strength and resistance training.

Ladies & gentlemen (but, gentlemen to a lesser extent, because y’all naturally have greater muscle mass), lean tissue maintenance and growth concurrent with body fat loss happens when strength and resistance training is consistent.  This is exactly what I tell my clients, especially my female clients!!!!!  006-2

Strength and resistance training can be work with machines, dumbbells & barbells, resistance bands, weighted balls and other equipment  that requires strength to push and/or pull.  For beginners, body weight can do the trick, but as we continue on and get  use to ‘carrying our own weight’ (so to speak), more resistance is required.  That’s where the equipment comes in.

Let me finish with this.  For my goals, which is to be able to comfortably move in yoga and dance (which I love), and to run faster, to be stronger and to  offset the pain and degeneration associated with osteoarthritis (runs in my family of women), body fat levels in the low 20s meets my needs.  What about you?  What do you want your body to do for you?  What illnesses are you working to ward off?  For sure, body fat less than 30% is in a healthy range.  Above that, and you could be in trouble for disease.  What’s yours?  Should you get a body fat ‘check-up’?  I have the tools to help.  Let me know.

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