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Body Fat & Strength/Resistance Training

Oh my!  I had a rude awakening yesterday!  I decided to go get a body fat ‘check-up’ yesterday, and the result confirmed my concerns that it had risen.  Darnit!  I knew it!  I felt it in my  clothes…and I knew what I saw in the mirror.  Before you all are like, “Geez Cindy you seem…

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Late Spring Clean-Up Nutrition Program

Spring is here with us in full bloom! Actually, summer is around the corner!  We’ve cleaned out closets, and purged those things we realize we just don’t need or want.  We’ve pulled back the furniture and and cleaned out the nooks and crannies.  We’ve cut back and leaned out.  For most of us, it brings…

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Favorite Exercises

Last week, I blogged about my favorite core exercises.  I have some favorite all over body exercises too.  Here they are: 1)  Squats.  Before you get worried, and think, “my knees, hips or ankles won’t do that”; I think you may be right.  At least maybe right now.  There are exercises that can be done…

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