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Eat Well & Lose Weight

Today, I asked someone, what is one of your questions about nutrition and fitness?  He said, ”  How can I maintain or lose  weight, yet eat well and still enjoy my food?” I’ve got some answers.  As much as I focus on eating nutrient dense food, I still enjoy what I eat.  Part of the…

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Exercise & Nutrition Log-1.21.14

It’s a cold damp day.  Comfort food is calling my name!  Here’s the thing-food is still nutrition.  So, can good nutritious  food also be a comfort?  ABSOLUTELY!  Warm soups make the mark.  How about whole grain breads with nut butters?  The truth is our bodies do seem to call out for more carbohydrate dense foods…

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Daily Nutrition & Exercise-1.14.14

Wow!  We are having a great winter in the Northwest!  Feels like an early spring…are you thinking about summer coming already?  Wearing lighter clothing?  Will you feel comfortable in your skin?  Healthy daily nutrition and exercise accumulate and will provide the results you may be looking for!  What you do each day is a snapshot…

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