Exercise & Nutrition-daily log 7.29.13

I’m planning today’s menu and exercise.  My schedule is a bit different than usual, so I am looking at where the spaces of time are so that I can fit in some exercise.  Planning helps ensure things get done.  Most often, just thinking about it won’t bring about accomplishment.  So, plan in advance.

Here’s my day:

Arise & stretch & breathe.

Breakfast:  Greek Nonfat Yogurt (Trader Joe’s is pretty good!) with fresh blueberries (handfuls) and ground flaxseed and 1/4 c. Kind granola.  (One has to be careful with granolas..there can be lots of refined sugar.)

Minimal exercise with Skype client.

Meal 2:  Salad with red leaf lettuce, 6 oz of grass fed beef from Lazy R Ranch (they have awesome farming practices), fresh avocado, garlic & cilantro.

Meal 3:  Coconut berry protein smoothie.

Sprint intervals and/ strength work.

Meal 4: Salmon, mixed veggies.

Meal 5: Amazing Grass Protein Bar

Be Health-Minded as you plan your exercise and nutrition for the day!


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