Exercise & Nutrition-daily log 7.25.13

Cindy_WorkoutIt’s time for exercise and good nutrition.  Let me rephrase…it’s ALWAYS time for exercise and good nutrition.  Our bodies need to move.  They were designed that way and that’s what they need to do.  It’s that simple.  And, we are designed to eat and get nourishment.  So, here’s my day of exercise and nutrition:

Arise & stretch.  As usual back stretches, neck stretches and breathing practice.

Meal 1  5 prunes

Meal 2. Leftover gluten free Chicken Lasagna in red sauce.  (OK…so there’s the limit on saturated fat for the day with the cheese serving!)

Strength workout: Oly lifts, barbell bench press, core/abdominal exercise.

Meal 3. Chocolate Almond Protein Smoothie:  Whir together 1 scoop Vega chocolate protein powder, 1 heaping T almond butter (monounsaturated fat), banana, light coconut milk, ice cubes, vitamins & minerals.

Meal 4.  Tuna Fish salad made with Grapeseed OIl Veganaisse, scallions, Bubbas relish on a bed of red lettuce greens.  Side of lentil beans.

Run 4 miles.

Meal 5. Amazing Grass Protein Bar.


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