Exercise & Nutrition daily log-7.23.13

099Apologies for the lack of log entries last couple days..my computer was ‘on the blink’.  What am I really talking about when I say exercise & nutrition?  Exercise is anything that moves the body.  Individually, we are in different places.  If you are struggling with weight and have not been active for some time, exercise for you may be 5 minutes on the stationary bike for starters.  On the other end, if you are athletic and use to a level of intense activity, your exercise may be moving from jump roping to sprinting to calisthenic body exercises in a circuit fashion.  And, there is much in between that can be individualized for your particular needs and goals.

Nutrition is eating food that builds your body up, and does not tear it down.  So, when I ask what is your nutrition, I am looking to hear about real foods.  Not white manufactured foods.  Not canned and packaged foods with added chemicals.  I don’t necessarily  mean you never can eat a special treat.  But, even the treats can have a level of nutritional quality.  My favorite is very dark chocolate, which I am sure you’ve heard of the benefits by now.  The first ingredient listed is indeed the cacao,  not sugar.  And, ideally, I personally search out chocolate with no refined or fake sugars, but perhaps agave or honey.  Choose foods that will have some beneficial effect on the health of your body.

What am I up to today?  In a nutshell, I’ve got an easy 3 mile run and yoga class for my formal exercise.  As for nutrition, it will go something like this:

7  am prunes

9 am 2 boiled eggs, whole grain toast w/ almond butter

12 pm grilled chicken, sweet potato

2 pm after workout protein smoothie with cherries & pineapple

5 salmon & greens

8 protein bar after running & yoga.

How about you?

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