Gluten-free Nutrition Planning

Two years ago I got very sick.  I felt like my insides were being poisoned.  My normal active, energetic self was reduced to a skinny, pale, lethargic person.  After several test procedures and a loss of almost 30#, it  was determined that I am gluten intolerant.  I began my journey back to health with attentive gluten-free nutrition planning!

When I told friends and family, they said, “It must be hard to eat gluten free!”.  I told them it is not any more difficult than taking necessary medications; something which I wanted to avoid.  Let’s face it…if you are diabetic you are probably not going to miss your daily meds.  I chose to embark on a journey to heal my very damaged intestinal tract.  I did it with changes in my nutrition and diet and almost two years later I began to feel well again.

Two years later, you say?  Here’s the thing….when you heal naturally it takes time.  Drugs are quick fixes and end up (most of the time) creating more damage, which then has to be ‘fixed’ with more medications.  That’s my personal take on the matter.  I do understand there are situations that have got so out of hand and meds become necessary, but I didn’t want to be ‘in that number’.  I have always innately believed that when the body is given what it really needs nutritionally, it will begin a work to heal itself.

Here are the steps I took to my own personal healing:

1) Cut out all bread & anything containing wheat, barley and rye.

2) Used Aloe Vera Juice daily to help with healing my intestinal tract.

3) Began a high dose of probiotic supplement (100 billion little bugs) daily.

4) Began scrutinizing ingredients looking for hidden sources of gluten, i.e. soy sauce, other condiments, and found substitutions, i.e. Braggs Amino Acids.

5) Stopped eating and drinking any foods and beverages that could potentially be irritating to my gut, i.e. coffee, dairy,and other inflammatory type foods.

6) I must give credit to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as he stayed close to me throughout and assured me that I would return to wellness in time, and to let Him be my joy (it gets depressing when you are sick all the time), and that I needed to pass through this season and time.

7) I NEVER eat gluten.  Some say you can eat a little.  I’m a super pain at restaurants inquiring about the food I am ordering.  But, why would I work so hard to repair the damage it caused, just to introduce it again and risk intestinal damage again.


Can I help you nutritionally gain back your health?  Your journey may be different than mine, but we can work together to figure it out.

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