Maze of Nutrition


A new version

of the living dead.

Embalming fluid

in our daily bread.

The “natural” foods

we are consciously fed.

Deceptive titles

and creative acronyms

MSG, GMO, and BHT.

Living precariously

on deceptive hyphenation.

Thankful for the

spice aisle

conveniently minimalized

between the over stocked rows of

“convenient for your life”

quickly killing you foods.


Soybean oil

Propylene glycol alginate

Enriched flour

Polysorbate 60

Soy protein concentrate



Disodium inosinate

Disodium guanylate

Modified cornstarch

The primary indicator being

processed, canned and dehydrated foods.

Those we expeditiously

grab to meet our

main life flow.

Criminal producers

of chemically synthetic foods.

Time has never been more precious.

Maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet

has never been trickier

while existing within

the Maze of our Lives.

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