Knowing your nutritional habits…

“Take the time to live a healthy lifestyle!” Your friend with the tight abs advises as you walk away from your lunch date.

This comment leaves you feeling like Jürgen Blin in the 1971 battle with the heavy weight champion Muhammad Ali. You cringe thinking about the limited time you have to juggle your family, work, and other commitments. “What time?” You think to yourself.

How are you able to manage all of this and maintain a diet that supports a healthy lifestyle?

Knowing your habits is key. Eating out has its pros and cons. By taking an introspective look at what you eat when you go out, where you like to eat, and whether your meals are eaten during a time that your body can properly break down the nutrients found in the foods is vital.

The use of smart phones to gather nutritional information about the foods on the menu is also helpful. A few of the available websites are:

Knowing your resources is a way to incorporate a healthy diet into your busy lifestyle. Finding the source of this information is what I do.

Cindy Bourgoin, Certified Personal Trainer, AASDN Nutrition Specialist

Skype: Cynthia.Jean.Bourgoin

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