Valentine's Day Fitness & Nutrition Love

So often, we come upon a holiday and decide ” I am going to splurge!”.  Suddenly, we associate any given holiday with permission to disregard our otherwise healthy fitness and nutrition choices made on other days. Why?  I have been guilty of this, and have asked myself this question,  “why?”  Well, certainly, we all grow up with parties during holidays.  At parties, lots of sweet, sugary and rich high fat desserts are frequently served.  And, somehow, over time, we have just super sized the whole concept!  At one time (some ee-ons ago), holiday treats truly were special-not an everyday occurrence.  Also, you didn’t see platefuls of desserts!  (Have you seen that?  I was at a buffet once, and saw an extremely large man get up and fill his dinner size plate with five different desserts!  What the heck! )  We are really out of balance folks!

So, let’s take a minute and ponder this holiday.  It’s about love.  Loving our Creator, and loving others as we love ourselves.  Self-love isn’t about gorging on a bunch of stuff that we well know is not good for our bodies.  Self-love desires the best.  Self -love cares about what we choose.  Self-love is mindful of our priorities.  Self-love is responsible.  Self Love chooses food that is nutritious and builds the body up.  Self-love realizes that movement is crucial to well-being.  We reach our best when we provide nutrition to our bodies and give it the healthy movement it needs.

Go ahead.  Choose one special treat.  And, even at that, consider that it has some benefit to your body.  A couple pieces of very dark chocolate savored as it melts in your mouth.  Custard drizzled with a fruited sauce.  Do get your fitness plans in for the day!  You know you will feel better.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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