Pre-Bloomsday Prep Clinic & Training



Bloomsday in Spokane, one of the largest 12 Ks, is just around the corner on Sunday, May 5, 2013.  Have you ever wanted to join, but had concerns about whether or not you could do it safely?  Have you previously been injured by  attempting to run for a race?  I believe I can help you prepare successfully for Bloomsday!

My Pre-Bloomsday Prep Clinic & Training is designed to include components of fitness to prevent known and common injuries associated with extensive walking/jogging and running experiences.  Join in on the fun you’ve been missing!

The Pre-Bloomsday Prep Clinic & Training is a small semi-private training group that meets 1x/week in the gym and 1x/week on the trails for practice walk/jogs/runs.  Training will individualize to the group.  I’ll want to know what your propensity for injury is, and will assess your strengths and weaknesses.  The following highlights what you can expect:

Month 1 – Pre-habilitative Training ( hip/knee/ankle stability work, gait training & upper body mobility work)

Strength Training ( establishing a strength base, building connective tissue strength)

Weekly Runs & Cardiovascular Cross-Training Assignments

Month 2 – Progressive Pre-habilitative Training ( increasing stability of lower body limbs & mobility of upper body limbs)

Strength Training ( progression of strength from Base)

Weekly Runs & Running Assignments along with continued Cardio Cross-Training  Assignments

Month 3– Progressive Pre-habilitative Training (still increasing stability and mobility)

Strength Training (switch to Muscular Endurance Training and/or Circuit Strength Training)

Weekly Runs & Running Assignments with continued Cardio-Cross-Training Assignments

All sessions will include nutrition support, flexibility and relaxation techniques, and mind-body cueing so that your runs are efficient, stress-free and enjoyable!

May 5 – Bloomsday Sunday!  Walk/Jog/Run your 12 K!

Contact me soon!  It’s time to begin!


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