Staying Motivated to Exercise

It’s that time of year!  You set your exercise and fitness goals the beginning of 2015, and perhaps your original zeal to achieve your health and fitness goals is waning.  How do you stay motivated to continue to exercise?

I post frequently about the importance of shifting the mindset to line up with your values.  Why did you decide to commit to exercise in the first place?  Why was that important?  Did you have some specific health outcomes you desire to reach?  Are you planning on running a race?  Do you want to lose weight?  I am like a little kid with my clients as I continue to ask, “why? why? why?”.  You want to lose weight?  Why?  To improve health?  Why?  I have to be able to be there for  my kids!  Ok, now we are getting somewhere!  There’s the value!  Losing weight leads to improved health which leads to my being around to raise my kids.  Now, that’s important!  That has deeper meaning.  My personal favorite is that I want to have the ability to run and play with my grandchildren!

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So, the first shift is to really wrap your mind around why you are choosing to commit to a lifestyle of exercise.  When your zeal wanes, remember this.  In fact, remind yourself every time you exercise!

Next, is to plan.  Create your surroundings such that getting to your exercise is easy and convenient and difficult to forget!  Set appointments with yourself, have your gear readily accessible, inform the people in your life, etc, etc, etc.

The following link outlines some of my suggestions and more:

You can do this!  Stay motivated to exercise and achieve your health and fitness goals!

So, what is YOUR reason for committing to exercise?


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