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Let's talk Daily Nutrition

Are you feeding yourself nutritional food?  Let’s talk about what you are eating…i.e.,what your daily nutrition looks like. Remember my rules: 1)  Always eat Breakfast. 2) Drink lots of H2O 3) Eat frequently 4) Get lots and lots of F & Vs 5) Eat a lean protein source at every feeding. Here’s my example for…

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Staying Motivated to Exercise

It’s that time of year!  You set your exercise and fitness goals the beginning of 2015, and perhaps your original zeal to achieve your health and fitness goals is waning.  How do you stay motivated to continue to exercise? I post frequently about the importance of shifting the mindset to line up with your values.…

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Acquiring Healthy Nutrition and Exercise Habits.

One of the biggest challenges a trainer has is to help clients create a new habit of exercise and healthy eating.  It’s easy to provide fitness workouts and nutrition encouragement and motivational tips during fitness training sessions.  The real question is, “when clients leave the session, do they continue to habitually exercise and eat nutritionally…

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