Should I Avoid Holiday Treats?

Many wonder as they pass by the sweet treats and goodies at the office, or at the holiday parties surrounding the season:  “Do I resist, or do I go ahead and nibble a few?”  The answer is, “it depends.”

Being down and out honest with yourself will help you make a good decision.  Ask yourself these questions:

Can I control my sweet urges?  If I choose one, will I continue to gorge on more?  (Maybe you won’t in front of everyone…but will it begin a binge that ends on the way home, and at home?)  If you are able to monitor and use self-control, choose the one that looks super yummy to you, and savor it in small nibbles that last about 5-10 minutes.

Is this a good idea given my health status?  (If blood sugar control is important, eating sugary sweets is not such a good idea.)  If No, then again, take the advice above.

Did I get my exercise in today?  Yes?  Take the advice above.  No?  You may go ahead, but you pre-decide to choose one small piece, and leave it at that.  Or, you may choose to have none.

In all cases, don’t guide your choice by this statement:  “I am ON a diet, I can’t”.  Eventually, you will go off the diet, and give yourself permission to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, and however much you want.  When healthy eating and exercise is a lifestyle, it’s OK to choose small amounts of goodies occasionally and appropriately.

Happy Holidays!


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